Japanese Name:
Romanji Name:
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Seraph
Affiliation: Seraphs, Heaven
First Appearance
Manga Debut: Chapter 97
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Uriel is a muscular young man with six wings, and long silver hair. He bears an amazing resemblence to Dark Schneider, though is slightly taller, being 194 cm.


Uriel is a very focused individual, but the thing he loves most in existence is his sister Amriel.


As a child, Uriel, along with Amriel, Raphael, Micheal, and Gabriel, were all taught by Lucifer. Eventually, Uriel contracted a disease that was spreading throughout the Angels in Heaven. It resembled a tar-like discoloration on the skin, and those who possessed this trait were quarantined for the protection of all others. Wanting to help, Amriel broke in, even with the risk of herself being infected. This brought the attention of Satanel, who used fire to burn the infection from Uriel.