Twelve Wise Men of Europa
Twelve Wise Men of Europa
Japanese Name:
Romanji Name:
Leader: n/a
First Appearance
Manga Debut: Chapter 82

The Twelve Wise Men of Europa are a group of legendary sages in the world of Bastard


The Twelve Wise Men of Europa were a group made up of twelve of the leading scientists in the Old World, Their studies into the spirit allowed them to eventually create the Dragon Knight armor, and may have been the trigger for the Angels destruction of the Old World, and it is suggested that they also created Dark Schneider himself to use the armor to fight Anthrax.

After the defeat of Anthrax, they created several new life forms to help repopulate the world, basing them off of ancient legends and myths.  Knowing that Anthrax's defeat was not permanent, they took measures to prepare for its reawakening.  It appears that one of these measures was to prolong their lives by transforming themselves into Elves.

Known MembersEdit

At present, the only member of the Twelve who has been identified by name is the dark cleric Abigail.

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