Name Stryper
Users Geo Noto Soto
Ede EE
Tia Noto Yoko
Manga Debut Barbarism


A powerful barrier spell. Known as a Anti-magic Shell this barrier allows no spell to enter or exit it's radius, thus rendering pure mages who rely only on magic powerless. Geo Noto Soto who is a Monk in terms of his 'class' is not powerless when he cast it and in fact is more dangerous while it is up and he is inside it with the target.


"Ele-Ele-Meilia. Holy spirit, become our shield and protect us…" Stryper!

Elel Namu Raibin! Divine Spirit become my Shield! Power Orb of Stryper! (ViZ manga incantation)


Stryper is named after the Christian metal band of the same name. The Christian affiliation is reflected in its incantation.


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