Japanese Name:
Romanji Name:
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Occupation: Devil King
Affiliation: Hell
First Appearance
Manga Debut: Chapter 97
Image Gallery


Satan is depicted as wearing leather pants, boots, and a top that resembles a leather trenchcoat.  He is always wearing a mask of leather or metal strips that have spikes radiating from it.


Cruel, sadistic, and twisted; Satan enjoys inflicting pain unto others being the reigning king of hell. He is often given to humor and can be very comical not taking himself seriously at times.


At one time, Satan was known as Satanel, and was a powerful and very revered Angel. Then, something happened and Satanel Fell, becoming the Devil King Satan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Satan was an extremely powerful being.  His power was so great he crawled his way out of a black hole, a physically impossible feat,he also created a mini universe in his hand , and immediately afterwards he defeated an entire armada of Angels, including the Seraph Uriel.


  • Satan is a corruption of a word meaning Adversary.

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