Japanese Name:
Romanji Name:
User: Gara
First Appearance
Manga Debut:


The Murasame resembles a Japanese nodachi or longsword, with a rectangular tsuba or guard.


Little is known of the history of the Murasame blade, only that all of its wielders have died because of the sword.

Eventually, it passed into the hands of Dark Schneider through presently unknown circumstances, who gave it to Ninja Master Gara after the ninja joined him.


The Murasame blade has the power to cut enemies at a distance through the power of the wind.  This is done by the sword drawing on the wielders life force.  Also, as a final attack, the wielder can sacrifice all their life force to the blade for an ultimate, invincible attack.  It is suggested that this was the cause of all the previous wielders deaths, though in the case of Gara, it instead healed him and restored his life force after its final use.  Though he was drained to exhaustion by it.

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