Japanese Name:
Romanji Name:
First Appearance
Manga Debut: Chapter 127


Habitants of the grasslands. They have big square sharp ears and when they reach adulthood, they barely reach the height of a human child. Their civilisation corresponds to the humaniod order. Their kingdom is an emirate, that goverened by an organisation of twelve clans. Their captial lies in the southeren metalion contient. They have a small market in which they share with humans, one in the small forest and in the grasslands, there is a settlement located under earth.

They have a very disciplined, theocratic society and they greatly appreciate peace. The cheif preist is elected and chosen from twelve clans and is the one who ascends to the throne. Their average lifespan is around 120-140 years, In terms of physical force they are inferior to Humans, Dwarfs and Elves. However they are very agile and since they are born under the blessing field of god, they are granted much higher levels of happyiness than other humaniods. The magic power level of the hobbit preist are even multiple times greater than those of an Elf. 

The Hobbits are quite bound to nature. Some of them can even communicate with planets, birds and in turn benefit from them. They are cheerful and love to make parties, they are very curious and idquistive. Therefore hobbits have the quality to be very adventurous, drive buisness to to remote locations with other tribes. Some live in other humaniod societys. Hobbits act as intermediaries for Elves and other humaniods, who don't the means to get in contact with people. It is belived that they have a triangle trade where they have acumulated enormes assets. South of the metalion continent, their sacred three queenknrise, is one of the their rare planets with mana forces. Using this tree Hobbits can use magic technology, although they have by nature a little bit of mana. Their magic technology is different from those of the Elves.

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