Name Halloween/Helloween
Users Dark Schneider, Arshes Nei
Manga Debut Chapter 30
Halloween is a powerful energy blast spell in the Bastard!! series.


The user opens the gates to hell and releases a powerful blast of limitless energy from his/her palm. Although the blast only lasts a few seconds, the energy output is said to reach 10 MegaVolts and is easily powerful enough to destroy much of a small city and fry entire armies. Though the spell is notable in that it can only be activated during a full moon. However, upon obtaining his Majin state, this weakness seems to have been averted by Dark Schneider.


"Kayzard Halzard Kiss Kay Hansen Rough Silk. Unleash total destruction, Sage of Hades and open the gates of hell! Halloween!"

Kiske, Hansen, Grosskopf, Sielck, wise men of Hades all...Hold fast the Seven Keys. Swing wide the Gates of Hell! Helloween! Seven Keys of the Guardian Gods! (Viz manga translation)


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