Gara Manga

Gara Anime

Japanese Name: ガラ
Romanji Name: Gara
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Occupation: Ninja Master
Affiliation: Riders of Havok (formerly)
First Appearance
Manga Debut: Prelude
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Gara, also known as Ninja Master Gara.


Gara is a man of average height, muscular build, with dark messy hair and a scar on the left side of his face. He sports battle armour that covers his chest, and he also wears shoulder pads with spikes on them.



Gara was once the son of a great ninja, who desired to become such a powerful ninja that he could defeat anyone. After finding out his goal, Gara's father asked him 'what will you do when you reach your goal?' A question to which the young Gara had no answer.

After becoming an adult, he pledged his loyalty to an unknown king, and served faithfully for several years. In time, the kingdom became the target of the powerful wizard Dark Schneider. Hearing of Dark Schneider's constant conquoring of kingdoms, Gara requested to be allowed to assasinate him. The King allowed it, offering him the title 'Ninja Master' if he succeeded.

Gara snuck in to Dark Schneider's base, and attacked him while he was spending time with Arshes Nei. After a battle in which Dark Schneider merely toyed with the ninja, Gara allied himself to Dark Schneider and became one of the Riders of Havok.


Gara is first introduced asking Kall-Su whether he remembers 15 years ago when the four of them and Dark Schneider were their to burn down the kingdom. The ogre also tells him while they was camping, Norman the Sorcerer was killed by someone, but they don't know who. Gara asks him is he sure and that magically arts are pretty developed in Metallicana, but Osborn he doesn't believe it. The ogre mentions he was killed with venom. Gara then seems shocked by his words. On the outskirts of Metallicana. Gara questions if Kevidabu has been killed, one of men tell him he set out three weeks ago. One of men tell him, the powerful aura can only mean. Gara tells him yes, he then thinks to himself only one spell has that force, Venom and that Dark Schneider is really back. As one of men question why Dark Schneider doesn't join them and protect the kingdom. Gara tells him they will find out then. The man then asks if he was really became their enemy. Gara tells him then they will have a mighty one but they will kill everyone standing in their way family or friend. Gara then pulls out his magical sword Murasame and kills Metallicana soldiers, after killing them he puts his sword away.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Gara has vast knowledge about ninja arts and use of sword. He also has an healing factor, capable of growing a limb in a matter of seconds.

He uses the magical blade Murasame, with which he can cut enemies from distance by sending shock-waves.


  • Sword of Mystery: By the use of Murasame, the user gains a boost in speed and slashes the opponent.
  • True Sword of Mystery: A beam of wind and thunder is launched by using the Murasame sword.