Japanese Name:
Romanji Name:
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Occupation: Seraph
Affiliation: Angels
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Gabriel is a Level 300000 Angel.


Gabriel is a beautiful, well-endowed curvey young woman with short, fair-colored hair, and six wings. She tends to wear boots and jacket over a leotard-like outfit, along with a hat.


Gabriel is a very happy Angel, and seems to be the most compassionate of the Seraphs. She also has a deep interest in d.s, when she was mocked him she got angry and stepped on his head and cried really loud.


Gabriel, along with Amriel and the other future Seraphs (Micheal, Uriel, and Raphael) was taught by the angel Lucifer when she was a young child.

She eventually progressed to the rank of Seraph, and participated in the war in Heaven.

At some point, Gabriel was captured by the demons, and imprisoned for unknown ages, until freed by Dark Schneider.

Years later she helped d.s and the other seraphs fight konlon.

Months after she helped d.s fight the demon lords.