Elves are one of the races in the world of Bastard


Elves are one of the many races of humanoids created by the Twelve Wise Men of Europa after the destruction of the Old World.  They are among the most beautiful, have superhuman levels of magical power, and appear practically immortal, as no elves have passed away from old age. This does not necessarily mean they 'are' immortal, but may merely have a lifespan so long that no elves have as of yet reached the end of it since their creation.

Dark ElvesEdit

Over a century ago, a group of elves became outcast, and turned to dark magics. Because of this, their skin became stained because of their dark arts, and they became known as Dark Elves. While both types of elves may interbreed with humans, the children of dark elves and humans tend to be of much greater magical ability than those half-elves born to normal elves.