Mountian residents. Grown up Dwarfs can be only 120cm big but because of there tough and musclar body they weigh up to 90kg. The Dwarf warriors are known for their incredible attack strength adn their massive amount of hitpoints. With their strong skeleton they have the highest bone mineral content of all humaniod creatures.

They have good night vision and they have good restistance against magic, but don;t have good mobility or alot of mana, so it's hard for them to learn magic. Becuase of the denisty of their muclar body they're not good swimmers and avoid deep waters.

Both men and women have beard are breaded pigtails. They have a lifespan of up to 200 years. They build colonies in the mountains or underground and live off the mineral deposits. The Dwarfs belive in the god of the earth and are really superstitious, but then again they are also very rational. Unlike Hobbits they sperate politics and religion. 

Most Dwarfs are hostile to strangers but they do build relationships wth other humaniods creatures, like Hobbits, Elves, or other humaniod creatures or other ethnical minorities like Centures or Leprechuans. Dwarfs are famous for thier blacksmith's shop and their magic coated weapons and items reach high prices in the market.

Their captail city is called flamesyn, which is located in the continent Ni-Garobo. With over 20000 inhabitants it's the biggest underground city. Rumours say there are more then ten of such cities undeground, but the total number of all Dwarfs is unknown.

Dwarfs are straight forward and stubborn. They never break a vow and always keep their promises. They love raw metals and gem stones, so some of them are really greedy. That's the reason why they sometimes fight against Orcs and Goblins. Besides that, Dwarfs love alchol and are funny when they get drunk.

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