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Dark Schneider
Japanese Name: ダーク・シュナイダー
Romanji Name: Dāku Shunaidā
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Occupation: Magician
Adam of Darkness
Affiliation: Metallicana
Riders of Havok (formerly)
First Appearance
Manga Debut: Prologue
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Dark Schneider is the main character of Bastard!! series and is the most powerful wizard of its universe. 15 years prior to the current timeline, he had an army of wizards and warriors led by the "Riders of Havoc". He was defeated by Lars Ul Metallicana, but used his magic to reincarnate himself into a young boy named Lushe Ren Ren


Dark Schneider in his base form is a tall man, with long unkempt white hair, blue eyes, and black bushy eyebrows. His clothing usually consists of robes or various suits of armor. He is frequently known to go nude, having no problem with walking around without any clothes on.


Well-known for his big ego and extremely powerful abilities, Dark Schneider is the most powerful wizard in the series, and he doesn't hesitate to let you know. He looks down on those he considers ugly, sometimes leading him to boast that ugly people will never win.

He has a strong lust for women and is famous for his womanizing ways.  At one time he planned on creating a harem of every woman on the planet. He is also known for his violent, borderline psychotic attitude once thrown into a fight. Almost no one can control him, except for Tia Noto Yoko, who is his main love interest.

He has shown to have a softer side to him though, specifically around Tia Noto Yoko and his companions, and is seen in great distress when he thinks Yoko is dead. He also gets angry when he believes a former companion slept with her. He is influenced at times by his other half, Lushe, even when he isn't aware of it.


Little is truly known of the origins of Dark Schneider.  His earliest known appearance was 400 years before the beginning of the series, when the Demon God Anthrax and its army destroyed the Old World, where he apparently was freed from the Dragon Knight after it defeated the Demon God. It was suggested he was genetically engineered by the Twelve Wise Men of Europa, but that has yet to be confirmed. He then traveled the world as a wizard.

Some 200 years later, he met an orphaned half-dark elf named Nei (for nothing) and adopted her, naming her Arshes Nei. She became his traveling companion and apprentice in the magic arts. Not long after, they met a young orphan boy named Kall-Su, who was also adopted by Dark Schneider. Dark Schneider told Kall-Su that he was missing a piece of himself, and that until he found his missing part, Kall-Su would have to stand in its place.

The trio traveled together, occasionally adding other companions to their group, and loosing others. Dark Schneider taking lovers and leaving them behind. Eventually, Arshes Nei became one of them, and his longest lasting one, as she had both the near immortality of an elf, and her own enormous magical powers.

Eventually, Dark Schneider started his campaign to rule the world, and began attacking kingdom after the kingdom. Eventually Abigail and Ninja Master Gara joined them.


Dark Schneider is a master of fire magics, and well versed in spells of thunder and lightning as well as Black Magic.  He has stated to lack any spells involving ice and cold, though he has a means of invoking such magics.

His most fearsome spells are Venom (a spell known only to him), Exodus, Sodom, and Halloween. He also can shapeshift, cast illusions, increase his attributes and transform into other forms that increase his power by trillions.

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Japanese: Kazuki Yao
  • English: Daran Norris
  • Italian: Luca Semeraro


  • Dark Schneider is over 400 years old.
  • His height measurement is 192cm.

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