Black Sabbath
Black sabbath
Name Black Sabbath
Users Dark Schneider
Manga Debut Chapter 48

Black Sabbath is a forbidden spell in High Ancient Magic which is believed to have the potential to destroy the world. It was used only once by Dark Schneider who was forbidden to use again by Yoko's threats.


Black Sabbath traps the target in a spellbound with random matter then sent inside, undergoing nuclear fission and causing a massive amount of heat to generate as a result. While the heat is initially ten thousand degrees C, the temperature quickly skyrockets to one million degrees C with it then sent to another dimension.

In Majin form with the Judas Pain "several million times" multiplier, this spell can reach temperatures well in excess of one trillion degrees C.


"Oh, obscure flames of chaos! I'm calling you! Awaken the chaos of the underworld and the inferno of darkness! Paranoia! Form blue basis! Dai idol! Heaven 'n' hell! Dai Omni! Gizeh! Black Sabbath!"

Hear me, oh dark ones! Hear me, oh void! In Hades' flames and Sabbath's lies, in paranoid dreams that never say die, Eternal Idols of Heaven and Hell, from Volume Four cast Iron Man's spell! Ozzy, Iommi, Geezer, Hades' flames arise! Nuclear death! Black Sabbath Dawning!!