Best of Bastard!!
Best of Bastard!! Cover
Released: April 05, 2005
Label: Geneon [Pioneer]

Best of Bastard!! is collection of music from Bastard!! the Ova.

Track listEdit

Track Time Name
01 Second Movement: Dark Schneider, The Explosive Wizard
02 Fourth Movement: Golem War - The Seal
03 Prologue
04 Title
05 War Clouds
06 Seal II
07 Resurrection
08 Blood War
09 God of Destruction
10 Lovely [Toshinori Yonekura]
11 Fierce Battle
12 Monochrome Trouble (Original Ending Theme Song)
13 Dream
14 Illusion Night [Toshinori Yonekura]
15 Hard Fight
16 Destined Friends
17 Evil Beasts I
18 True Originator II
19 Distress II
20 Distance
21 Love
22 Sacrifice
23 Lament
24 Thunder Clouds
25 Terror
26 Rebirth
27 Battle
28 Deep Blue
29 Ancient Lullaby
30 I'm in Trouble ["Monochrome Trouble" English Version]

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