Angels are one of the various races in the world of Bastard.


Created to serve God, Angels are immortal beings of light and power.  Even the weakest of them having power beyond what humans command.

Angels are susceptible to a corrupting darkness, that resembles tar that grows on the Angel.  If not treated, this corruption can overcome the Angel, and they can Fall, becoming demons or devils. Angels can also Fall if they experience intense hatred or rage, especially if directed at God.


In their true form, Angels resemble humans with white wings.  Many angels may assume a battle form in which their offensive and defensive abilities are magnified greatly.  This form differs from angel to angel, but generally looks like a winged warrior made out of metal, or heavily armored.


Angels are divided into three spheres, with each sphere containing three choirs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Angels possess the powers of flight, and can use magic far in excess of anything humans can unleash, with the higher ranks wielding even greater power.

Known AngelsEdit

The angels who have been shown and named in Bastard are

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