Ancient Giants
Ancient Giants
Japanese Name:
Romanji Name:
First Appearance
Manga Debut: Chapter 129


The second type of Giants called "Ancient Giants". They get the respect of all Giants and have lived as long myths have existed in this world. You can read about these legendary Giants in Greek mythology and also in the bible. They have material and astral features, they are immortal. You can practically call them gods. They are highly intelligent and have their own oral culture. They use incredible strong magic. If they get angry they become frightening enemies and can summon lightning.

The so-called ancient gods, who only exist on the astral level, are addicted to temples and shrines to collect energy in the material world. But because many of the gods were weakened.

But the Ancient Giants as half material creatures do not depend on beliefs or sacrifices. On high mountains they can open gates. To half material world. Their time is most spent in this world, so they aren't very interested in the human world. Since the "great destruction"for up to 400 years the boundaries between the two worlds has been a blur. That's the reason magic and spiritual appearances have massively increased in the human world. Now it's also common, that may very well be the reason why you can see Ancient Giants in the human world again.

The power of the Ancient Giants is similar to that of the high level dragons. It is said, that both made a non-aggression pact. But the numbers of the Ancient Giants decreased massively in the fight against the rebellion, also because dragons became addicted to the dark power.

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