Name Accused
Users Dark Schneider, Abigail
Manga Debut Chapter 27


This wicked spell is a nightmare for anyone who has been infected. When the sorcerer decides to use ACCUSED on someone, their fingernail becomes blue. From that point on, the victim must follow an order given with the spell forever (or until the curse of ACCUSED has been lifted) or the nail will turn colors. It changes colors as the victim disobeys that command. The first time, it changes to purple, then to red, then to blood, then the victim suffers the ultimate wrath and is reduced to nothing more than a mere toad.


Ki Obos Plataro. King of the night, Demon King, flying on bat wings. Seal this pact with your might. Accused!

Dread King of Splatter Rock, Come forth on the wings of a bat! Reside in my touch and bind this pact! Blue Nail Curse of the Accused!